Students Demonstrate Unique Drone That Can douse fires


 With fire accidents becoming increasingly common worldwide, many lives are lost due to the lack of timely assistance. Extinguishing fires promptly has become a significant challenge, as fire engines often struggle to arrive quickly, and high-rise buildings make it particularly difficult to reach upper floors. In response to this issue, students from Gopalan College of Engineering and management have developed a unique prototype using drones to combat fires.

During the two-day Growing Electronics Technology Oriented Congregation Stage (GETOCS 4.0) organized by Gopalan College of Engineering and Management in the city, students showcased a groundbreaking prototype using drones equipped with fire suppression balls. This innovative solution aims to swiftly extinguish severe fire accidents, thereby saving lives, preventing the destruction of buildings, and protecting the environment. The rapid deployment of these drones can prevent fires from spreading to nearby areas. The prototype demonstrated at the event has significant potential for further development to cover larger areas. The trial, conducted at the college, was witnessed by experts who praised it as one of the best projects they had ever seen.

Inaugurating the fest, Prof. Harjinder Singh Bhatia, Additional Director LRDE, DRDO (Retd.) and Former Chairman IETE, Bengaluru, emphasized, "Beyond academic pursuits, electronics hardware projects have tangible real-world applications that address pressing societal needs and challenges. Whether it's developing low-cost medical devices, enhancing environmental monitoring systems, or creating innovative consumer electronics, these projects have the potential to make a meaningful impact on people's lives and the world around us. I also encourage students to obtain membership in the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE), which offers access to various free courses from ISRO, DRDO, LRDE, and other institutions, underscoring that the future primarily lies in the field of electronics."

GETOCS 4.0, a program conducted by the Electronics and Communication (EC) department of Gopalan College of Engineering and Management which offers Participants the opportunity to present their skills through various activities such as paper presentations, robotic competitions, circuit debugging, project exhibitions, technical quiz and debates. Esteemed judges from outside the college are invited to evaluate the participants. This annual two-day event, which concluded on Thursday, provides a platform for students from any engineering college to showcase their talents. The primary agenda of GETOCS 4.0 is to promote student growth and skill development, enhance societal health, and encourage more research-oriented projects.

Dr. Prabhakar C, General Secretary, Gopalan Foundation, emphasized the importance of practical learning in addition to theoretical education. "Our students have developed innovative projects that will also benefit industries. We are focusing on quality projects and will provide funding for those that can help the nation. Additionally, we will sponsor the Intel laboratory at Gopalan College of Engineering with Rs 30 lakh. It is crucial for students to cultivate leadership qualities alongside their academic pursuits," he stated.

Dr. Bhaskar Reddy C M, CEO of the Gopalan institutions said ,"I congratulate ECE Department for organizing the GETOCS. This kind of program exhibits student knowledge in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering."

Dr. Arun VIkas Singh, Principal of Gopalan College of Engineering and Management, highlighted the importance of acquiring additional skills alongside regular academic classes to enhance students' employability in top companies. "We also train students in entrepreneurship skills so that they can become employers, not just employees," he said.

Other dignitaries present at the event included Mrs. Sunita Prabhakar, Director of Gopalan Organics, Dr. S. Anantha Padmanabham, Head of the ECE Department; Dr. Krishna Kumar, Head of the Program Organizing Committee; Dr. K. Suresh, former Principal of Dharmasthala Engineering College, Ujire; Dr. Madhusudan, Professor at BMS; Dr. Purushotham, Head of the Aeronautics Department; Dr. K. Natarajan, Principal Scientist at Gopalan College of Engineering and Management; and Dr. Suresh, Senior Professor of the ECE Department.

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