Dr. Arathi Krishna, Dy. Chairperson, NRI visited NORKA-Roots regional office at Cochin


 Bangalore (Karnataka Information) : Dr. Arathi Krishna, Dy. Chairperson, NRI Forum-Karnataka visited NORKA-Roots regional office at Cochin (Ernakulam) on July 04th 2024. During her visit she interacted with the officers of NORKA-Roots. She discussed on the methods adopted by the Kerala government regarding handling the issues of NRIs working abroad and also of those issues pertaining to Returnee-NRIs. The Kerala Government is very keen in facilitating the Malyali diaspora by establishing an independent office called NORKA-Roots with head office, regional offices across the state, Development offices in major metropolitan cities across the country, satellite offices and District cells spread across the state.

  The Government of Kerala has initiated various services including provision of Identity cards for Non Resident Keralites (NRK) especially for students studying abroad; provision of insurance policies ie., Pravasi Raksha Insurance schemes, Pravasi Legal Assistance Cell (PLAC); Norka Institute of Foreign Languages (NIFL) aimed at comprehensive support in foreign language learning along with job assistance; certificates attestation services through a single window system while traveling to a foreign country for study, business, professional or other purposes; Shubha-Yatra scheme to facilitate pre-travel registration with the aim to provide assistance when requested; Emergency repatriation scheme for supporting the emergency return of NRKs from various foreign countries; Rehabilitation projects thought NDPREM (Norka Department Project for Returned Emigrants) schemes for those majority of the NRKs who wish to return to their homeland.

It’s a well known fact that although Malyallis are known for world wide migrations, nevertheless the Diaspora Kannadigas population in absolute numbers is conspicuous in every part of the habitable world. The Karnataka Government is mostly interested in the welfare of NRI-Kannadigas in general and those blue-collar workers/labourers who migrate to different continents in search of livelihood and better status of living. Hence it’s very important for the Karnataka Government to constructively engage the NRI-Kannadigas.

 As soon as she returns, Dr. Arathi Krishna would be Briefing Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka on the methodologies adopted by the Kerala government with the overall objective of positive engagement of NRI- Kannadigas stationed abroad.

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